Karim Benzema Pulls Off Incredible Hattrick on Valentine’s Day As He Sends Flowers to 3 Different Women

Real Madrid talisman Karim Benzema pulled off a stunning off-the-pitch hattrick on Saint Valentine’s Day.

The current Ballon d’Or holder earmarked the special day dedicated for celebrating love in a brazen fashion.

Karim Benzema, Jordan Ozuna, Chloe de Launay, Cora Gauthier, Saint Valentine's Day, flowers
Karim Benzema sent flowers to all three women – Jordan Ozuna, Chloe de Launay and Cora Gauthier – dear to his heart on Valentine’s Day. Photo credit: itsjiordynn its_me_co chloe_de_launay Source: Instagram

Benzema, who has battled with injuries since annexing the most-coveted individual diadem in football, sent flowers to not one but three women dear to his heart on February 14.

He shared a piece of his gigantic heart with his current girlfriend Jordan Ozuna, his first wife Chloé de Launay, and his second wife Cora Gauthier by sending flowers to all three of them, per Thickaccent.

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His romantic gesture has been greeted with mixed reactions on social media.

Below are some of the reactions from social media:

@bhramuaji applauded Benzema’s romantic gesture:

“Bro scored a goal, assisted, and saved one for his own team.”

@istigfarkamu simply wrote:

“He’s winning.”

@ralphh_10 added:


@TimothyyyHardin, who was bewildered by Benzema’s gesture, exclaimed:

“What a man”

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