AVL 2-4 ARS: What Fans Are Saying About The Alleged Jorginho’s “Curse” After The Game

It’s no longer news that Arsenal took three points at Villa Park after a 2-4 win. Goals from Bukayo Saka, Zinchenko, Martinelli, and Emi Martinez (own goal) were enough to cancel Coutinho and Watkin’s efforts.


Photo: Aston Villa VS Arsenal || Twitter

However, many fans were impressed with Arsenal’s improved second-half display, while others focused on the team’s display in the latter stages of the game. On the other hand, note that this article will focus on what fans are saying about the alleged Jorginho “Curse” after the game. Take a look!


Photo: Aston Villa VS Arsenal || Twitter

1. Many Fans Believe That The Alleged Jorginho “Curse” Is Broken.


Photo: Aston Villa VS Arsenal || Twitter

For many days, many fans believe that Jorginho’s move to Arsenal has brought bad luck to Mikel Arteta as the team has struggled to win games. However, the former Chelsea midfielder’s long-range effort was deflected into the net to give Arsenal the crucial lead before Martinelli scored the team’s last goal of the game. Because of this goal and improved display against Aston Villa, many fans believe that the alleged Jorginho “Curse” has been lifted.

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