Ex-Arsenal player, Jermaine Pennant

Ex-Arsenal player, Jermaine Pennant ‘is declared bankrupt with debts of over £1million

 Ex-Arsenal player, Jermaine Pennant


Former Arsenal footballer, Jermaine Pennant has reportedly been declared bankrupt after accumulating debts of over £1million.


Birmingham County Court has issued a one-year bankruptcy order to the ex-Premier League star, who owes money to creditors including HMRC, councils, banks and utility companies.

The 39-year-old’s media company Jermaine Pennant Ltd, which was set up following his TV appearances on shows such as Celebrity Big Brother, was dissolved in 2020.

The former midfielder is now understood to have defaulted on his mortgage payments.


A source close to Pennant told The Sun: ‘He owes stacks of cash all over the place.


‘His debts are into seven-figures.


‘His debts to the taxman and banks are huge.


‘He has defaulted on mortgage payments and will likely have property repossessed.’

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