Man Kisses Wife before Delivery, Not Knowing He Would Soon Be a Single Dad to Quadruplets

Before his wife went into labor, a husband gave her a tender kiss on the head and told her he loved her. He had no idea what was about to happen. The happiest time of his life was tragically turned into a bittersweet reality.

There are more forms of fairytale romance besides those depicted in novels and movies. Sometimes we could be fortunate enough to have our own real-life love tale, and a charming couple from Phoenix, Arizona, experienced something similar.

When Carlos Morales and Erica Morales met at a Scottsdale, Arizona nightclub in 2006, their love story officially began. They were quite different from one another, but to their surprise, fate had something special in store for them.

He couldn’t help but feel a connection the moment he laid eyes on Erica; it tugged at his heart. Despite the fact that he didn’t know Spanish and she didn’t speak English, Carlos was adamant that he get his way.

Carlos quickly grasped the opportunity and requested Erica to dance. Fortunately, she consented, and the pair enjoyed a night of dancing. The Arizonan offered the attractive woman his phone number, which he had written down on paper, before they parted ways.

Carlos later learned that Erica had discarded the piece of paper, nevertheless. It might have appeared that their narrative abruptly ended that evening, but it didn’t.

Through shared friends, they reconnected with one another, and this time they stayed together. Instead, they began a relationship and quickly realized they were truly attracted to one another.

According to the note, Erica wanted her kids to graduate from college, learn English and Spanish, and land decent jobs.

Both Carlos and Erica took lessons in English and Spanish, and they made a lifelong commitment to one another. In 2007, the couple was hitched in Las Vegas. Soon later, in an effort to complete their family, they started attempting to conceive.

They had a loss, but after Erica received fertility therapy, she became pregnant, turning their grief into joy. Erica found out she was expecting four babies when she had her first ultrasound.

The couple was overjoyed to become parents and welcome the quadruplets into the world. Carlos took care of Erica and took care of the cooking and cleaning so that she wouldn’t be under too much stress.

Despite remaining active and healthy throughout her pregnancy, the soon-to-be mother was admitted to the hospital on January 12, 2015 due to excessive blood pressure. She texted her husband on January 15 to let him know that the doctors intended to deliver the babies immediately away.

Carlos quit his work and went to the hospital to be with his wife. The physicians advised him to deliver the infants right away because his wife was having too many contractions. Before Erica gave birth, the couple shot films and photos.

The two also talked about names. They chose Tracey and Paisley for the girls, and “Carlos Jr.” for the boy. They believed they would have plenty of time to settle on the name for the fourth kid, but they couldn’t.

Let’s get these babies out, Carlos sweetly stated as he kissed his wife on the head and told her he loved her. He believed that in a few hours, he and Erica would be holding their four bundles of joy and beginning a new chapter in their lives.

The quadruplets, three girls and one boy, were delivered by C-section on January 15, 2015, when Erica was 36 years old. Carlos offered the following on the happy occasion:

“We were ecstatic to begin a family. And all of a sudden, everything collapsed.”

But when Erica slipped into hypovolemic shock right after giving delivery, an emergency condition marked by massive blood and fluid loss, what was supposed to be the happiest moment of their lives changed into a heartbreaking tragedy.

Carlos, who had just begun to experience the delight of becoming a father to four children, recalled being at his wife’s bedside when she gave him a strong handshake. The alarms from the machinery surrounding her bed then started to sound.

Carlos observed the medical professionals hurry into the room and was shocked and perplexed. Then they told him to go outside and wait while they looked at Erica. Carlos’ wife had passed away, the physicians informed him one hour later. The distressed spouse was immobile. He remembered:

“How was this possible to happen? She briefly appeared to be in good health. She was present before suddenly disappearing. The day before had been the happiest of my life, and the following morning was the worst. After the birth of my four children, my wife passed away.”

When the nurse asked Carlos about his babies when he was sitting by them in the middle of the night, he briefly thought back to his talk with Erica. He mentioned to the nurse Carlos Jr., Paisley, and Tracey, the three names he and Erica had discussed.

Carlos opted to nickname his young daughter “Erica”; he was the one who came up with the fourth name. On January 16, 2015, the lone parent brought two newborns home from the hospital; on March 11, the other two joined him.

The bereaved man frequently questioned whether there was anything he could have done to save his beloved wife. If Erica had been alive to witness the development of her children, he wondered what she would have thought of it.

Even though the suffering, sorrow, and tragedy were excruciating, he persisted in his strength for his children. Additionally, the widower attended baby-care classes for his quadruplets. He acquired knowledge about bathing, CPR, feeding, and controlling their sleep cycles.

In order to assist the single father with the financial burden of parenting the children alone, a friend of Carlos and Erica put up a GoFundMe campaign. As Erica’s mother, Sondra Bridges, moved in with him to take care of the kids, Carlos also received a ton of support from his friends and relatives. Bridges stated:

Carlos revealed that in addition, he discovered a note that Erica had written on her iPad. According to the note, Erica wanted her kids to graduate from college, become fluent in English and Spanish, and land decent careers.

The devoted father of four vowed to do everything in his power to see that his late wife’s wish came true. Carlos claimed that despite the awful tragedy and loss, he had four small reasons to continue living because he thought his wife was watching over him and their children from above.

We send Carlos and his four gorgeous babies our most sincere condolences, along with our best hopes for a speedy recovery for Carlos and his family. If you find this tale fascinating, please tell your friends and family about it.

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