Toni Kroos rips into Casemiro sale as Real Madrid star exposes true reasons behind Man Utd transfer

When Casemiro decided to join Manchester United, his former Real Madrid teammate Toni Kroos expressed his shock and regret.



In contemporary football, transfers between Manchester United and Real Madrid are prevalent. But transfers from Manchester to Madrid have generally garnered the most attention.

Indeed, after leaving Manchester United, both Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham relocated to the Bernabeu.

However, in recent years, players have started to go the other way more frequently. In recent years, Raphael Varane and Casemiro have both left Real Madrid and entered Old Trafford.

Both men have established their worth since joining the United team. One of United’s shining stars this season in particular has been Varane.

Just one league game was missed before he got hurt. Before being hurt, former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand lauded him.

With a few substitute appearances, Casemiro, who signed this summer, was eased into the team. But he has already shown United that he is powerful.

His passing and defensive skills show his experience. In an October 1-1 tie with Chelsea, the Brazilian also added a significant late equalizer.

Casemiro’s unexpected move

Casemiro does seem to be having fun at Manchester United. In recent games, the Brazilian has obviously rediscovered his groove.

It seems, though, that not everyone approved with the decision. The midfielder’s former Real Madrid colleague, Kroos, has admitted that he was shocked and saddened by Casemiro’s decision to leave.

“The departure of Casemiro caught me off guard. Although it is true that the rumors began two days earlier, he said on Spanish television that there are frequently many rumors here without any actual action.

But when he informed me, I was heartbroken because I started to think back on all the years I had spent with him and the things we had accomplished together.

He expresses his honest thoughts regarding the relocation, noting that monetary factors were the main driving force.

“Despite the fact that English clubs haven’t consistently won everything, television revenue in England has been much higher for years. Thank God, some athletes also consider winning in addition to their pay.

The midfielders have in fact had a successful time of their careers working together.

They captured five Champions League championships during the course of eight seasons, in addition to three La Liga crowns. Real also received a number of additional awards.

Move certainly makes sense.

Since United hasn’t won a championship since 2017, it is understandable why Kroos was upset that Casemiro would leave Real for them.

He is in good form, though, and United are unquestionably a superior team as a result.

Without the Brazilian’s impact, Real are not doing too terribly for themselves either. They have not yet suffered a loss, and they now lead La Liga.

With 15 goals in six games, they also won their group in the Champions League. It does not seem to be a terrible move for either side as a result, regardless of how it was viewed.

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