3 Reasons Why Some Ladies Lose Interest In Guys After A Short Period Of Dating

I know many men must have been thinking that why the lady who loves me so much just left after a short period of dating. I will be listing the reasons below.



1. You disrespect her: Every lady needs a man that is going to treat her like a queen. As a man, you have to give your partner all the respect she deserves. A lady will start losing interest in you once she starts to notice that you have started to disrespect her, so as a man, if you don’t want to lose your partner and the relationship, you have to start to be respectful to her because it takes nothing to be respectful.

2. You are cheating on her: cheating is one of those things that can make a woman lose interest totally in a man because I know no woman will choose to date a cheater. If she once noticed that you do cheat, the only option she has then is to leave you, so at that moment when she decides to leave you, it means she has totally lost interest in you and the relationship.

3. You stopped being that guy she fell for: before a lady agrees to date you they must be something she sees or like in you that made her fall for you, so is better for you as a man to know what made her fall for you, also this is where some men do get it wrong when you started the relationship you were to care and loving, and you ended up promising your partner heaven on earth, after a week you started showing some changes, you stopped being romantic and sweet to her, such will surely make her lose interest in you because you changed, and that wasn’t the person she fell in love for.

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