Why Shakira and Pique have been forced to sign a truce


Following contentious discussions on Milan and Shasha’s custody, it appears that Shakira and Gerard Pique have chosen to declare a truce, according to recent reports regarding their divorce.


Although final negotiations would need to wait given her father’s situation, the singer and player have maintained a friendly relationship and met multiple times to come to an understanding.

The Tecknon clinic in Barcelona received an emergency admission for Shakira’s father on October 17.

He has had health issues at the age of 91 ever since falling at home and suffering a brain injury in May.

Pique still wanted to provide Shakira all of his support during these trying times, despite their breakup.

Shakira stated in an interview with Elle magazine, “He is the father of my children, regardless of how things ended or how Gerard and I feel as an ex-couple.

“I have faith that we will determine what is best for their future, their aspirations, and what is the best course of action for everyone. We have a duty to perform for these two amazing children.

Pique visited Shakira at her home

The soccer player from Spain paid a visit to Shakira’s home on Monday.

Numerous photographers positioned outside the celebrity’s home caught the brief visit, which was brief.

Pique arrived with a luggage and remained for a short while before departing.

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