NGA 5-6 COL: 3 Impressive Nigerian Players As Flamingos Gets Defeated In The Semi-Final

The semi-final game between Colombia’s U-17 team and Nigeria’s U-17 team was very tough. Colombia dominated the game, but the Flamingos were able to drag the game into penalties. Well, Nigeria lost on penalties by 6-5.

However, fans have been talking about Colombia’s Caicedo, Nigeria’s goalkeeper’s saves, and Nigeria’s endurance, but this article will focus on three impressive players against Colombia.

1. Opeyemi Ajakaye.


The 16-year-old forward was introduced into the game in the second half but contributed a lot to the game. In the first half, Nigeria offered little threat in the final third, but Ajakaye’s introduction into the game changed everything. Note that she had one big chance, but she failed to beat the Colombian goalkeeper.

2. Faith Omilana.


The 16-year-old goalkeeper made several saves to keep the scoreline at 0-0. The youngster made a fingertip save to deny Colombia’s first-half freekick. She also put her body in the lineup on several occasions. In the second half, he prevented Caicedo, Rodriguez, and Quintero from scoring brilliant goals. So, she deserves some accolades.

3. Taiwo Afolabi.


Photo: Afolabi Taiwo || Twitter

The teenager made her presence known in the midfield as she was involved in most of Nigeria’s buildup plays. Even though Nigeria didn’t create much, the number 10’s impact was seen. She also scored a penalty kick.

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