Aubameyang Might Have Fallen Victim To The Number 9 Curse At Chelsea.


We all know the Aubameyang that played well for Dortmund years ago, we also know the Aubameyang that signed for Arsenal few years ago, he even performed well in his short spell at FC Barcelona, buy what about now?


I think that Chelsea striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang might have fallen Victim to the number 9 Curse at the club judging from his recent Performance at the club.

Aubameyang didn’t score in his first appearance for Chelsea against Dinamo Zagreb few weeks ago, but he went on to score against Crystal Palace and AC Milan (2x).

However, that cannot be used to judge hia beat performance as his performance off recent is far below par.

The Gabon international had a game to remember last Saturday against Man Utd, and he might be regretting the fact that he picked the number 9 jersey after signing for the Blues.

I highly think that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has fallen Victim to the curse which is beloved by many fans is upon the number 9 Jersey at Chelsea, or what do you think?

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