Meaning behind Lewandowski’s trademark celebration explained

For a long time, Barcelona star Robert Lewandowski stayed silent when it came to an iconic celebration that sees him push two clenched fists together across his chest.

The Blaugrana fans are already used to seeing this gesture as Lewy keeps on scoring. He has a tally of 16 goals in 14 games for Barca this season.

It’s high time we explain the meaning behind this celebration. Well, Robert has already done it for us. Apparently, he dedicates it to his daughter Klara.

“My daughter used to hold hands like that when she was two years old, so I started imitating her, and it stuck”.

He seems to have a really strong bond with his daughter. Speaking of which, it was Clara who appeared in a viral video called ‘When Mum’s Not Home’ – Robert tried to braid her hair with a..hoover.

Not only is Robert one of the best strikers in history, but also a wonderful father.

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