Newcastle Player Calls For FA To Introduce Another Golden Boot, Says Haaland Have Won This Year’s

Newcastle United player, Callum Wilson has called on the FA to introduce another golden boot for other players this season, as he feels Erling Haaland has already won this season’s, Golden Boot.



In a post shared by Football Fan Tribe on Facebook, Callum Wilson noted that Haaland is a world of his own, and no striker would be able to compete in the golden boot at the moment.

He added that it will be very important if the Premier League and the FA will be able to create a kind of Silver boot for the runner-up.

In his words, Callum Wilson stated;

He (Haaland) needs his boot and then we need another boot. We need a silver boot because we need something to make it fair.

Haaland has scored over 14 goals in just 8 appearances this season, and many are now believing he is a Robot.

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