Angelina Jolie ‘tipped Paparazzi about her relationship with Brad Pitt’ while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie reportedly tipped off paparazzi about her relationship with Brad Pitt just as he was exiting his marriage with Jennifer Aniston in 2005.
According to Rolling Stone magazine co-founder, Jann Wenner’s upcoming memoir, Like a Rolling Stone, Hollywood star, Jolie reportedly gave crucial information on where she was staying with Pitt and son Maddox, which led to one of the most famous photos of the couple.

Wenner’a memoir is full of stories about the celebrities he’s encountered over the years, but Jolie’s exposure put to bed a 17-year mystery on who first blabbed about ‘Brangelina’ the code name for Brad and Angelina.

Wenner’s memoir alleges that Jolie was the tipster for the 2005 snapshot along the beaches of Kenya, where she was captured with Pitt and her son, Maddox.


Wenner was the owner of Us Weekly at the time and one of his photographers got the news from the actress about where they were staying and what time they would walking along the beach. It was the first confirmation the world received that Brad and Angelina were a real thing.


Angelina Jolie


Pitt had just split with Aniston in January, and he and Jolie had kept a relatively low profile until the photos came out.

Even though their representatives denied any romance then, a witness described their interaction at the resort to Us Weekly, “They wrapped their arms around each other [at the pool] and shared a long, passionate kiss.”

“Maddox would hang out with Brad and followed him wherever he went,” they added. “It was clear that Brad and Maddox have a close relationship.”

Wenner confirmed in the book, “We got the photo, we got the proof. We had the worldwide scoop, the debut of Brangelina. The tipster was Angelina.”

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