You’ll go there alone, not with me – How Di Maria’s wife rejected Man United move

The English city of Manchester is dislike by Jorgelina Cardoso, the wife of former Paris Saint-Germain star Angel Di Maria.

Recall, Di Maria moved to Manchester United from Real Madrid in 2014 in a £60 million transfer, and the decision nearly backfired as it was regrettable for both parties.

However, Di Maria moved from Manchester United to Paris Saint-Germain after a year and played there for seven successful seasons until joining Juventus this summer.

Meanwhile, His wife Jorgelina is still traumatized from her time at Manchester United.

She said: “Angel came to me one day and said, ‘Look at this proposal from Manchester United,'” according to Di Maria’s wife (Jorgelina) who spoke with the Argentine TV program LAM.

“She said, He should go by himself because I didn’t want to go. According to her, Di Maria responded by saying, “Let’s go, both of us.” It was a substantial sum of money more than the Spaniards had proposed.

“When we left England, she added by saying, When someone offers you twice as much money while you’re employed, you will quickly accept the offer.

According to Jorgelina Di Maria’s wife, Gianinna Maradona, the wife of Sergio Aguero, and I were friends, and we spent a year vacationing in Manchester.

It was always awful, she said, When we got home, I advised him ( Di Maria) to choose a location other than England if he ever needed to be transferred.

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