Why I Am On Wheelchair – Asari Dokubo Speaks

Former Niger Delta militant, Asari Dokubo has finally reacted over his viral photo where he was spotted on a wheelchair.

It would be recalled that the former freedom fighter shared a photo of himself on wheelchair yesterday. The photo attracted mixed reactions among Nigerians with some people already suggested that he might be suffering from chronic illness.

Addressing the photo on his Facebook page, Asari said there is no cause for alarm. He stated that the reason he made use of wheelchair is for him to perform his religious duties in Mecca.

He said there are some stressful tasks that one has to undertake in the process of performaning the hajj.

“If you go to hajj, there are certain rights you can not perform especially if you are sick. You can choose to pay somebody to perform it on your behalf. I don’t want to pay anybody. I decided to use wheelchair to perform the right. There are rights like running in the hill seven time which is long distance. Most people can’t do it. I used to see people do it when I was much younger so I decided use the wheelchair and it was fun.” he stated.


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