4 Mistakes Most Men Make That Lead Them To Marry The Wrong Women.


Most men have made mistakes in their search for a life partner due to the fact that they married for the wrong reasons. Considering that marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, choosing the wrong spouse could be disastrous and hurtful. It can also add a great deal of negativity and destructive behavior to a person’s existence.

 So many men’s lives have been destroyed by this delicate error.

Due to the fact that such errors are permanent and might last a lifetime, being aware of them may keep a person safe. The four faults that most men commit, which cause them to marry the wrong women, are listed below.

1. Most men place more value on a woman’s financial success or the wealth of her family than they do on her moral worth and regard for them. This is a typical error that a lot of men have committed, ending in broken marriages and considerable sorrow. Before the wedding, the boys could see marriage to such women as the answer to their financial issues. However, when they enter into a valid marriage with such women and the woman learns that the reason the man proposed love and marriage to them was because of her prosperous past or sizable bank account, the woman may decide to disappoint the man’s desires and emotions, which undoubtedly leads to the start of their marital problems.

2. The majority of guys value a woman’s physical appearance more than her character. Most guys overlook the well-known fact that a woman’s attractiveness rests on her character when they are looking for a companion. In the ideal marriage, after the guy has become accustomed to and scrutinized every aspect of the woman’s physical beauty, he sets out in search of the woman’s inner beauty. If he is unable to find it, his love for the woman begins to progressively wane. In a short period of time, regret and marital annoyance set in.

3. The other error men make when choosing wives is choosing women with extreme sexual prowess. Although sex is a highly important aspect of marriage that increases marital closeness, it is not the sole factor in determining a happy and successful marriage.

If the man’s motivation for asking the woman for her hand in marriage is restricted to her sexual prowess, this causes turbulence in the marriage.

4. The majority of men have ruined their marriages by letting their parents choose their spouse. The day when parents had to be allowed to choose their sons’ spouses is long gone. This deed has resulted in many ruined marriages. A man should have some freedom in selecting his partner. Most guys who allowed their parents to choose their bride for them did so out of respect for their parents. But the male by himself takes the brunt of whatever negative effects a marriage with a woman he didn’t choose for himself will have.

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