Brazilian Model Who Joined Ukraine To Fight Against Russia Killed

Thalita do Valle

A Brazilian model who joined the Ukraine army as a sniper just three weeks ago has been killed after a Russian missile obliterated her bunker.

Thalita do Valle, 39, had been on humanitarian missions around the world and previously fought against ISIS in Iraq.


She was killed last week after a missile struck her bunker in Kharkiv – the north-eastern Ukrainian city which has been under heavy bombardment since the war began in February.


The missile strike also killed former Brazilian Army soldier Douglas Burigo, 40, who had returned to the bunker to find Thalito.


She was the only person left behind after the first missile strike, the other fighters said.


Thalita, who previously studied law after working as a model and an actress, had documented her experience in warzones on YouTube.

The videos revealed how she received sniper training when she joined the Peshmergas – the armed military forces of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.


Thalita’s brother Theo Rodrigo Viera described his sister as a hero for saving lives and taking part in humanitarian missions.


He said she had only been in Ukraine for three weeks, where she had been working as a rescuer as well as a sharpshooter.


She was also responsible for providing cover from advancing Russian forces.

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