4 points on offside rules that you need to know this new season (VAR)

Going into the new season they are several things that football lovers need to know about VAR, it has been reported that over 120 incidents during the 2021/22 season were directly affected by the use of VAR averaging at 0.32 per game so here are some of the point to be aware of

1. The Offside Rules

The laws of football state that a player will be offside if the ball is played forward to them in the opposing teams half and there no opposing player between them and the



opposing goalkeeper during this sequence of play.Being in an offside position is not an offence in itself the moment the player in the offside position plays the ball or attempts to play the ball then they will be seen as actively involved in play and that is when the offence occurs.



A player can also be flagged offside if the ball is played to them from their own half and the player is standing in the opposing half the moment the ball is played.



Being ruled offside on a football pitch is an offence but there no individual player punishment for being caught out.A player will be flagged but the only sanction is the ball is given to your opponent to restart play in the form of a free kick in their own half of the pitch.

2. The Offside Position

A player is in an offside position if any part of the head body or feet is in the opponents half excluding the halfway line and. any part of the head body or feet is nearer to the opponents goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent.



3. The Onside Position

In the proper position to play onside in the game of football is not punishable that mean if u are in an onside position you are in proper position to play



Bale was onside

The Welshman was on the edge of the six yard box to capitalize on a rebound to beat Cuéllar with an acrobatic finish despite protests from Leganés



4.Opponent Player Behind The Goalkeeper

Is it offside if the player is behind the goalkeeper? If the goalkeeper is the second last opponent and you are behind him, you will be deemed as offside. However if there are 2 players behind the goalkeeper you will only be offside if you are ahead of the second-last opponent.



Karim Benzema put Real Madrid ahead in the Champions League final with a goal that was disallowed for offside. There was a mix up because the ball did not come directly from a team mate but from a rebound off the leg of Liverpools Fabinho. Even so the referee deemed the action illegal

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