Why does Karim Benzema wear a bandage on his hands?



In times past, many football players have worn bandages as either a sign of luck or injury, or fashion. Players such as Luis Suarez, Jose Antonio Camacho, and Chendo have worn bandages for one reason or the other.

Football fans, analysts, and journalists that pay attention to details in football may have asked why the Real Madrid striker keeps wearing the bandage game after game.

The reason for this is not farfetched. The Frenchman was on the receiving end when he suffered an injury after his collision with former Barcelona defender, Marc Bartra, who was playing for Real Betis at the time. The striker fractured his little finger in that game that was played on the 13th of January, 2019.

He was given medical advice to fix the finger and the recovery phase from the fracture will take two months. The striker missed just a game and he returned to play on the pitch against Sevilla with a bandage on his hand. Since that time, the France international has been playing with a bandage on his hand and he even celebrates with it whenever he scores times.

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