How often Should married couples have séx?

According to “men’s health”

When you’re married or in a long-term relationship, it’s normal to see differences in how often you have intercourse. When partners first get together, there’s always a period of high sexual regularity due to the initial excitement of a new relationship.


How often do married couples have intercourse?

According to a 2017 research by the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the normal American married couple has intercourse 56 times a year, which is approximately once a week. Experts in TIME and Prevention quote similar numbers, with 51 and 52 times a year, respectfully.

If your sexual regularity doesn’t match up to the figures you see above, there’s no need to worry, as long as you’re satisfied. But if you’ve discovered a change in your sexual frequency and you’re not happy about it, it might be time to make effort. “I think the stressors of life, all of the inhibitors, can truly start to accumulate so we sort of have to work and fight a little bit to keep creating a space for intercourse to happen.

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