Dear Men Stop Using Your Teeth To Give Women Head, Use Your Tongue – Blessing Okoro

Controversial relationship expert Blessing Okoro has dropped a very important piece of advice for the men out there.
Blessing Okoro

Taking to social media the relationship expert stated that men should stop using their teeth to give women heads because it is actually not pleasurable. She pointed out that instead of using their teeth, they use their tongue because the tongue is very soft and succulent.

She said this in a video that she posted on the gram. Blessing Okoro went on to point out that men should lick their women’s v*gina the way they lick orange or tangerine and not eat it like apples because for apples they will have to use their tongue.

Known for her controversial nature, it’s no surprise that she can say this. She wrote Dear men stop using teeth to give women head….. use tongue.


Blessing Okoro


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