Why Don’t People Use Condoms These Days, It’s Sickening – Lilian Afegbai.


Popular Nigerian actress who goes by the name of Lilian Afegbai recently took to her Official Snapchat story to reveal how sickening it is for men and women to avoid the habbit of using c*ndoms these days.


The actress has stressed on the fact that c*ndoms serves to protect people against diseases such as HIV / AIDS, STIs, STDs and others, and so she has said that it will be better to use c*ndoms.

In her (Lilian Afegbai) words on Snapchat, she said; “Can people learn the importance of c*ndoms. It’s not just about the fear of HIV or unwanted pregnancy, but a lot more.

“Why do men / women not like c*ndoms these days. It’s Sickening…” See the screenshot of her post on Snapchat below.



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