4 ways to attract a girl without using words



1. Make more face expression with her. Whenever you are talking with your crush it is always good to make more facial expressions.

2. If you are interested in attracting a girl, it is always good to make more eye contacts. Eye contacts has a great role to play in attracting a girl.

3. If you want to make a girl like you, it is always good to wear attractive cloths. This is one proven fact that most men have been using to attract the woman they admire. Wearing of nice outfits doesn’t only makes a girl like you it also increases your social status. Wearing of nice outfit also brings a girl to love and respect you.

4. Another good way in making a girl like you is by making friends with her friends.

Making friends with her friends is a great way of making your crush notice you or giving you attention. Most times, when a man want to be closer to their crush, they will try to be friends with her friends.


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