I need a man in my life, he must be sweet in the middle – Actress Jennifer Obodo

I need a man in my life, he must be sweet in the middle – Actress Jennifer Obodo

Pretty Nigerian Nollywood actress Jennifer Obodo has lamented over her inability to secure a man she would gladly call her own.

The movie star in a recent interview says she really needs someone to spend her leisure time with but finds it hard to make a choice.

Hear her: “I don’t have a man in my life yet oh. I sometimes feel awkward. You know as we grow, we always crave for that special someone; someone to talk to after a long day, spend time with a man of your own. I am human and have blood running through my veins, but then I find it hard to pick or trust a particular person because I feel no one is real anymore. Worse still, my career has made me lose some good men because they are against acting. I really don’t know why they think the industry is that bad. Well, maybe because of the exposure we get but I keep saying this; anybody can be what they want to be even if you make them a housewife,” she told Saturday Sun.

Describing the physical features she looks out for in the man of her dreams, the
Awo-ommama – Imo State-born movie star reveals that being good in bed is the number one quality.

“I love tall, huge fair or chocolate guys with a sweet personality. He has to be neat, smart, handsome, and respectful. However, the number one and most important feature is his ability to satisfy me in bed. He has to be sweet in the middle. I have people coming but choosing the right one is a problem. So, I have stayed single for a long time now. When a sexual urge comes, I distract myself as soon as possible. I’m very good at that. I can go a year or 2 without having sex. Unbelievable, right? I know but it’s the truth. My body is so precious to me, so I don’t give it out anyhow,” she noted.

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