How To Know If They Are Meant For You Before You Date Or Marry Them – Blessing CEO Reveals


A few hours ago popular relationship expert/ therapist Nikiruka Okoro best known as Blessing CEO took to her verified Facebook page to share a new post as she says “How To Know If They Are Meant For You Before You Date Or Marry Them’

This beautiful single mother of two who uses her platforms to educate, motivate and advise her fans on issues related to relationships noted that she use to get a lot of questions on this topic however she will like to state that no one is meant for anybody in life.

Furthermore, she made it known that when a preacher tells people that there’s a man or woman that is made for them as a husband or wife, such a statement is not correct. According to her, she said that it is you who will search for that person of your dreams based on your morals and compatibility

In addition, she, however, explained that there are situations when one is in love with someone but can not be married to that person due to their moral upbringing that has to do with the religion, faith, etc that doesn’t seem to match.

I’m conclusion, she affirms that the story that your wife/husband is somewhere in this world for you to meet and eventually married is an illusionand likewise a piece of wrong advice



View the video link below for full details


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