Reactions As Destiny Etiko Shakes Her Curvy Behind For Babarex As They Act “Lovey Dovey” In A Video

Movie stars, Nosa Rex, popularly known as Babarex and Destiny Etiko have gotten social media users talking after a video of the two acting “Lovey Dovey” surfaced online.

The video captured the Curvy actress and Babarex in a playful mood.

Destiny Etiko took to her verified Instagram account few hours ago to share the video with her fans and followers and many has a lot to say.

The fun video appeared to be shoot at a movie scene and both movie stars surely had a good time together.


In the video, the talented actress wore a red gown which shows her curvy backside while Babarex wore a cloth which appeared to be a uniform. Destiny Etiko catwalked as she approaches Babarex. Babarex was spotted standing beside a wall, he stared at Destiny Etiko as she catwalked towards him. Both movie stars hugged each other passionately for few seconds before they let go of each other. The curvy actress then shaked her backside for Babarex after he told her to do so.


The video shared by Destiny Etiko on her Instagram page has sparked numerous reactions from her family, friends, colleagues, fans and followers via liking and commenting underneath the post. Many of her followers gave opinion that suited the kind of video the talented actress shared.

See some screenshots below

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