How To Know She Is Falling For You

Jessica Opara-Safaro is a Ghanaian media personality, radio broadcaster, and entrepreneur. She also owns a YouTube channel as a relationship expert.


Relationship expert popularly known as Jessica Os took to her YouTube channel to reveal how to know a girl is falling for you.

She said the best way to know a girl is falling for you is to just ask. She further stated eight ways to know she has fallen for you.

1. She begins to refer to you in plural or as a couple.

2. She is always there for you. If someone doesn’t like you, she would never make time for you. The person who likes you will engage with you emotionally.

3. She starts making long-term plans with you.

4. Her friends start becoming your friend.

5. She supports your passion.

6. She opens up to you beyond what everybody sees.

7. She wants to get to know your friend. If she is not committed to you, she wouldn’t want to see your friends or family.

8. She does little things for you that means a lot.

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