Dear Men, Before Giving Up On A Relationship Do These 5 Things



In a relationship, it will get to a stage where both parties will begin to doubt their relationship. They will start to think otherwise and wondering if things will be better if they go their separate ways.

At times, before you decide on starting over, you should at least put some things into consideration. Of course, it can be tempting to start afresh and just give up on everything, but that is not the best solution.

As a man, before you decide to give up on your relationship and start afresh with another person, there are some things you need to do first. If those things eventually didn’t work out, you can suit yourself.

Below are 5 things a man should do before giving up on a relationship.

1. Talk to your woman.



We need to stop assuming that problems will disappear or things will take their place when we avoid them. As a man, before you can give up on your relationship, firstly talk to your woman. Sit her down, give each other space to explain or say their side of the story. If you just give up without doing anything, you might end up regretting and it might be too late to go back. After talking it out, if you feel there is no need to be together, you can give up.

2. Locate the root of the problem.

We need to take a step back at some point to know the root of our problem. As a man, you can’t just give up on a relationship without locating the root of the problem. You need to figure out what the problems are and why things get too complicated. Get to know if the problem is from you or her, and find means to settle things. Giving up might not be the next thing to do, you can find a way to settle things.

3. Imagine your future together and apart.

Ask yourself, is our future bright? If the future you imagined is not what you want, you can give up but if you see a bright and better future, you shouldn’t give up just because of a minor issue.

Also, think about your future. What will I end up gaining and won’t I regret it? If your answers are positives to these questions, just stick to your relationship. You must do this before giving up on a relationship.

4. Remember what brought you together and how you fell in love in the first place.



Remember the old memories and moments any time you think of giving up on a relationship.

5. Know that change is healthy.

Don’t ever give up on your relationship just because your partner has changed. Know that change is healthy, and every human will change, we can’t be the same forever.

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