4 Signs That Shows Your Girlfriend Is A Bad Girl

Are you in a relationship and you don’t know if your girlfriend is a good girl or if she is Abad girl? Week, there are signs you should watch out for. In this article, you would see 4 Signs that shows that your girlfriend is a bad girl.


1. She regularly hits you up for money, demands presents, or acts like a gold digger.

When it comes to bad behavior that women tend to indulge in, there’s few things more stereotypical than being a gold digger. We’ve all heard about the type of girls who will demand that you pay their bills, pay for fancy dinners, and won’t give you the time of day if you aren’t loaded.

2. She doesn’t listen. Sometimes we all struggle to listen. But if she consistently talks over you or makes her problems seem worse than yours, that is one of those clear signs of a bad girlfriend. A girl that doesn’t listen may not care about you and what you are going through as much as a girlfriend should or a good girlfriend would.

3. Too clingy

Early on in the relationship, partners are always going to want to be with each other and spend time together and just rub off on each other and get as much of each other as possible but then there is still supposed to be an individuality to your existence.

4. Her social media doesn’t show that you exist.

You know you both got a couple cute pictures together, why not show it off to the world? Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but she should definitely at least make it known that she’s dating someone. If you two have been together for more than a year or two, this relationship should be common knowledge. If her social media only showcases her selfies, beach pics, and outings with her girls, then, as far as anyone else is concerned, you don’t exist.

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