When A Girl Is Not Picking Your Calls, Do These 4 Things.

I don’t know maybe this is what you’re going through right now or you’re probably thinking you’re losing it already. And maybe you’re a bit anxious also and don’t know what to do. I can understand how you’re feeling right now. It is very right to get anxious, reason, why you’re anxious is basically that you really care and love her so much, and so it is not ungood to feel that way.

The truth is girls have their tactics and they play it well whenever they are set to make you feel the way they want, they would do it in a way that they would achieve their intentions.

And so in this article, I’ll be showing us 4 things to do when a girl is not picking up your calls.

1. The Very First Thing You Should Not Do Is Making Wrong Assumptions.

Here is a very wrong thing to do. Don’t assume she is seeing another guy. Relax and give it time. We all have one thing or the other we do outside what people know us with. And more so, there could be a lot of emergencies that she needs to attend to that required her time and didn’t allow her to pick up calls. Of which she must have made up her mind to explain things to you when she is don’t with whatever she was busy with. And so it is very wrong to make wrong assumptions.


2. Text Her.

Instead of making a wrong assumption, send her a text. And in your text, you can make her realize that you’ve been calling and she’s not picking up, you don’t have to stress it. She would call back or return your text. That way it is better to not worsen the case.



3. Speak With Her Intimate Pal/Friends

Here is another smart move you can do. After texting and you don’t get any response, you can talk to her friends. Her friends would tell you her whereabouts and probably why she is not picking up. That way you can make things right.

4. If She Has Refused To Do Any Of These Two, The Next Thing You Should Do Is To Pay Her A Visit.

Here is the last thing I would suggest you do, visit her. Of course, you know where to find her. Go to her house unannounced, talk to her, ask her why she has not been picking up your calls, it might be that she wants to see how thirsty you would be or how loving you would be or maybe you’ve don’t something she didn’t like. If you’re lucky she opens up, then you can make things right.

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