3 reasons some people masturbate despite being married.

Masturbation is an act of stimulating oneself using the hand or various pleasure tools. Seeing your partner in this act despite having consistent active intercourse together can cause the feeling of inferiority. It makes you think you are not properly performing your responsibilities during intimacy and in such a process, causing complications and lack of unity in a relationship. In this article, we will discuss three possible reasons people perform this act despite having partners that could satisfy their intimate desires.


1. Addiction: when you perform this act consistently, it becomes a necessity and you become attached to It. When the addiction is intense, you will constantly feel the urge to act whenever you’re in a private place or have free time, you’re marital home is not an exception. Even if it’s not your intention, it takes control of you and you unconsciously perform this activity. The best way to minimize the urge is by staying away from anything that triggers your desire to perform it and also going through therapy.


2. Boredom: when people are denied intimacy by their partners, they get bored and engage in satisfying themself. The best way to do that without cheating on their partner is by stimulating themselves. This is why you are expected to be ready for intimacy at all times because the period your partner desires it might differ from yours.


3. High drive for intimacy: some people have a high drive for intercourse, knowing fully well that their partner cannot keep up, which results in self-satisfaction. In situations like this, both partners are expected to overcome these by self-control and mutual support from each other. You can also reduce your drive by participating in other intimate activities.

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