6 Reasons Why Most Men Avoid Their Wives At Night

Alot of Women complain about their Husbands avoiding them at night, they complaining about their Husbands going outside to meet other Women. They wonder what it is they may be doing wrong, because he never used to be like that. They would wonder what actually went wrong, why did he change that much.


Most times all these happen because the Wife changed totally, she stopped acting how she used to be and this has made some Men lose interest in their Wives. There are different reasons why Men run from their wives at night, let’s take a look at them below;

1. She doesn’t dress well in attractive outfits and Night wear


This is a popular reason why Men avoid their wives, they find them unattractive because of this. Most Women are fond of puting on big clothes at night, and tie dirty wrapper in the bedroom. How do you expect your Husband to be attracted to you when you dress in such manner, you are meant to look good for your husband all the time.

Buy beautiful night gowns, most of these ugly clothes can be a huge turn off for Men and make them avoid you. 

2. She is too boring in the bedroom


This is another reason why Men avoid their Wives, because she doesn’t do anything that would excite him. She just lies there and does nothing, she doesn’t make any sound, just like a log of wood. Men do not like it when a Woman is boring in the bed room, they like Women that would make them feel good and proud about themselves.

3. She always waits for her Husband to come and meet her first


This is another reason, Most Women act like they are not interested, they always want their Husbands to make the first move and this can be a big turn off. Sometimes Men like it when their wives are in control, they want them to call them and not just wait all the time.

4. Most Women don’t like to try new and romantic things


Being boring in the bedroom is a big No, try to learn new things to spice up your relationship, there are different skills and romantic things you can learn to make your Husband happy.

5. Excess Fat


This can be another turn off, when most Women get married they would stop taking care of themselves. They would just just free themselves and start getting fat, this makes most Men avoid their wives.

6. You sweat alot and do not bath at night


As a Mother you would have to do alot of Work in the house, and this can cause you to sweat alot. After all these sweating, some Women still don’t bath at night, they lie beside their husband with smelly body. This can make a Man even leave the bed totally for you, try bathing at night before bedtime.

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