My Husband Finishes This Large Bowl Of Meat In 3 Days Alone, He Also Uses Them To Drink Garri – Lady

Food is good for our health, and we all have to eat so that we can keep on living. Some people love eating too much food. They’re are actually called foodies, some men like eating in the process that they like dating girls that know how to cook very well. It’s is not all men that like eating too much, some ladies are also good at eating food very much.

A lady has made a video in Instagram, in the video, she brought out a very big bowl of meat and told her viewers how the meat finishes in 3 days or one weak. She said that the highest time the meat lasts in the house is only one weak. The meat doesn’t last more than one weak in the house, you can see how large the bowl of meat looks.


According to the lady, she said that her husband alone finishes that bowl of meat in 3 days, she said that he uses the meat to drink garri sometimes. This shows that her husband likes meat a lot, if he can finished a large bowl of meat in just 3 days. He mostly use them to drink garri a lot.

The woman meant it when she was saying it, and her husband was there with her when she was saying it. He was even the one filming her when she was saying those words. He was giggling while his wife was saying those words. Some people can eat a lot though, this means that this family will be buying meat too much in the family. Most of the family money will be going to meat. See the video here,

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