Dear Girls, Stop Wearing in This 6 Ways Because it Makes You Look Less Attractive- Opinion


It is not a good idea to wear clothing with large squares.


Putting on a lot of clothing with a large design on it can cause you to injure your muscles and joints. Despite their fashionable appearance, the hips appear to be a few millimeters wider than the rest of the body. As an alternative, you can use printed photographs or photographs with a neutral color scheme. For checkered pattern devotees who can’t imagine their wardrobe without them, the smaller the squares, the better.

The practice of donning garments with horizontal patterning



A greater visual effect is achieved by printing images with horizontal lines rather than vertical lines. Don’t be concerned if you prefer the appearance of ruined clothing. A simple change in the orientation of vertical stripes can make you appear both bigger and slimmer, depending on your body type. Despite the fact that it is always an option, it is not always required.

Overuse of embellishments in clothing



At the very least, a few sizes can be added to your appearance with the use of limitless ruffles and folds. If you want to make your figure appear longer, try wearing a skirt with a zip-up front or clothing with vertical stripes, such as the one shown above.

Clothing prints with a large number of broad horizontal features are popular.



Legs are lengthened by wearing longer lace, and your height is lengthened by wearing wider designs. Shoes with long laces are a fashion statement. Pointy necklines and skirts, on the other hand, may give the impression that you are taller. Make sure to adhere to solid colors and choose shoes that are a complementary color to your complexion. The end outcome will be that you’ll appear leaner and more muscular.

the stern of a boat or the sternline of a vessel



Boat necklines give the impression that the wearer is significantly heavier than they actually are, whereas V-necklines give the impression that the wearer is slim. Several months have passed since we urged you to stop folding your clothes. The waistlines in the images on the left and right are noticeably different from one another.

Stripes that run across the page horizontally.



Horizontal stripes on clothing that are both wide and bright are the only thing worse than horizontal stripes on clothing. If you want to transform a great physique into a shapeless bag, this style of skirt is the best option in the left photo. No matter how simple your outfit is (a simple dress with a little pattern and a thick black belt around the back of your neck), your best features will be highlighted, making you appear significantly thinner.

Attractive attire might help you stand out from the crowd.

A more subdued color scheme makes you appear smaller than if you use bright colors, which makes you appear taller. Two shirts of the same size are shown in these photographs. The only difference between these two is the color. The girl on the left is much paler and has a much larger waist and shoulders than the girl on the right, who is also much paler. Because the pants in these two ensembles have different patterns than the pants in most people’s closets, they demonstrate that black is not always a slimming hue. Large formal pants give the impression that the girl on the left is significantly larger than the girl on the right.

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