Shatta Wale has finally revealed why he has not done anything to intervene in his mother’s predicament in a new video shared online.

The honcho of the vociferous Shatta Movement said those who are passionately dragging the matter and lambasting him for abandoning his mother despite being rich and one of the most influential artistes on the continent lack wisdom.

Wale opined that the fact he has done little to intervene in the matter simply means something could be wrong somewhere and this is what the talkative should have figured out. He further added that he’s not a mortal but a demon and spirit which is why his way of approaching issues is different.

He’s heard in a video saying;

“I’ll pray Psalm 35 over anyone who talks ill about me. I’m not a mere mortal. I am scary, demonic, and a spirit. I am everything except God. How is it that nobody notices that there is a loophole somewhere? I am very wealthy, I throw money around and all, but you for a moment asked yourself why all this is happening? Don’t you think there are things or secrets I haven’t said? To all those saying that I cannot look after my mother, I’ll suffer, one of your family members will die, you won’t prosper.”

You people have carried issues relating to my mother on your head. What if there’s something wrong with her? What if all this is her fault? So what at all do you want? For my career to end? I’ll pray that you all live and see what I’ll achieve before you die. Mind your business.