Dear Ladies, Don’t Ever Be In A Hurry To Tell Any Man These Five Important Things

Many women want a man who they can trust and love for real but not every man you have as a partner is truly the man you deserve. You should be very careful of who you call your man and who you tell things that need to be kept secret. My dear, sometimes we easily get deceived by what we see and we realize our mistakes when it’s too late. In the quest for the right man, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to let loose some things that are private to you.

Dear ladies, no matter how much a man claims to love you or you love him, there are things you need to keep away from him. Especially when you guys are dating newly. This will help you understand him better and know if he truly loves you. You can only tell him this when you guys have been in the relationship for a long time or when he is married to you.

Not telling him this will help you a lot and it will also protect you from dangerous men. Sometimes we don’t know the intentions of our lovers until they act. They sometimes plan on using us, dump us and move on with their lives. To avoid being blackmailed by such men you should avoid telling him things that they may use against you when the love is no more.



Before telling him things that deeply concerns you, you should be very sure that he is the right man for you. And you should be 100% sure that he loves and cares for you. Below are things you should never be in a hurry to tell your man.



1. You shouldn’t be too quick in telling your lover how you have lived your life in the past. Telling him about your past can make him take you for granted. You will tell him someday, but that is if you know he wants to be with you forever.

There are ways of telling a man your past. For instance, if you love a man and you have had several persons in your life previously. You should not tell him you have dated 10 men in the past, you can politely tell him that he is not the first man in your life. This will prevent him from seeing you as a whore.



2. Another deep secret you shouldn’t tell a man is your family background whether rich or poor. So many girls have made this mistake and have regretted their actions. Your family matters should be kept private else your lover is clicking for marriage.

You should limit what you tell him about your family until few days before the marriage ceremony. This will help you in preventing him from using your family background against you.



3. Don’t be in a hurry to tell him what you are doing for a living. Some guys are there for your money, not the real you. Being in a hurry to tell him what you do for a living makes it easy for him to deceive you.

You can tell him about your job after being with him for a very long time. If he is too inquisitive to know about your job. You should know he is targeting something from you.



4. Another thing you should not tell him in a hurry is what other people are saying about him. If people around you are not comfortable with him. You should try to find out why rather than being in a hurry to tell him.

This will help you to know the type of man he is and if you will be able to cope with him as your partner. Telling him about what other people are saying about him will make him hide some of his negative attitudes and character. And this will make it hard for you to know his real personality. Telling him this may also cause him to quarrel with people around you, especially your family and friends.



5. My dear, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to tell him your dark sides. So many girls have put themselves in trouble, some have even lost their lives due to this.

Before you tell someone about your dark secret you should know how important you are to that person. I strongly advise you to only tell your husband about this. Change is constant, telling your boyfriend about this doesn’t guarantee that he will stay with you forever. Telling about your dark side too quickly may scare him away.



You should only tell him before marriage when you know that he may not be able to handle it or stay with you if he finds out.

This is for the good of all women. Don’t be too quick in telling people things that may hurt you or hurt them. If you want to be with the right man, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to tell men the mentioned above things.

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