4 Things You Should Know About Having S£x During Your Period



Having s£x on your period can be a normal, enjoyable experience, just like the s£x you have any other time of the month. While there are many shame-based narratives surrounding s£x while on your period (it’s gross, it’s messy, your partner won’t like it), it’s possible to have great s£x while on your period.

The few things you need to know about having S£x during your period include:

1. You don’t bleed that much.

The average amount of blood loss each month is only about 60 milliliters, which is roughly 4 tablespoons. Meaning, if the mess is something that concerns you, it’s not as much blood as you may think. Also, nothing can happen to your partner if they come in contact with your period blood, assuming you do not currently have an STI.

2. S£x drive on your period can vary.



There is a common assumption that your vagina is more sensitive when the body is going through menses. Many women’s magazines would have you believe that lovemaking on your period is great, if not better, than s£x any other time of the month. While this may be true for many individuals, there is no scientific reason behind this.

3. You can get pregnant on your period.



There’s a common misconception that you can do away with condoms if you’re on your period. The bottom line is that while fertility is at its lowest on your period, it is possible to get pregnant during this time.

4. Your natural lubrication levels are lower on your period.

While your period fluids might make for an inexpensive lube option, Dr. Gersh pointed out that your body’s natural lubrication will be at its lowest while on your period because that’s when your body’s estrogen levels are at their lowest.

It’s important to make sure your body is ready for vaginal intercourse and take whatever sexy precautious necessary, whether that’s lube or coconut oil or aloe vera.

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