Things To Know If Your Wife Hasn’t Given Birth To A Boy


One of the blessings associated with marriage is the gift of children. The dream of many parents is to have both male and female children. 

If you are in a situation where you are hoping to have a male child, you have every right to have such a desire, but you must understand that the genders of babies are not chosen by your wife.

There’s nothing that can assure you that your wife will be pregnant with a particular gender of a baby.


You also need to know that the husband has more power to determine the gender of their baby than the wife. 

Naturally, the male reproductive cell from the husband has an X and Y chromosome.

When the Y chromosome from the husband meets with the X chromosome of the wife’s egg, she will be pregnant with a baby boy.

Medically, a male child can be selected through IVF, which is in vitro fertilization. The fertilization of the mother’s egg and the male reproductive cell is done in the laboratory by the doctor.


However, this is very expensive and prohibited in some countries, like South Africa. Meanwhile, some natural ideas can increase your chances of having a male child. 

The male reproductive cell has Y chromosomes that are very light, tiny, fragile, and faster. The woman has the X chromosomes, which are believed to be heavy, slow, and energetic.

Medical experts have suggested that timing intimacy with your wife when she’s producing eggs can allow her to be pregnant with a male child.

The active Y chromosome from the male reproductive cell will quickly get to the egg.

Other medical experts have come up with the suggestion that the chance of being pregnant with a male child is a little higher when intimacy is done a few days before she starts producing eggs. 

Some people also try the method of artificial insemination when the wife is about to produce eggs.

Age also affects the possibility of having a male child because younger men normally have a higher count of male reproductive cells.


Younger ladies also have more overflowing fluid that supports the pregnancy of a male child. 

There are things you can eat that will boost your body’s ability to be pregnant with a male child. Eat potassium-rich, salty foods, and red meat very well.

Talk to a medical professional so that they can let you know if you’re not doing anything dangerous to your health. This will give you a healthy mother and a healthy son.


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