The student who excelled earned a total of eight “As” in other subjects and one “B2” in English Language. Ronald Dosunmu explained how he was able to achieve such a remarkable accomplishment by working tirelessly and dedicating himself to his academics.

Ronald Dosunmu, a Nigerian student, took to LinkedIn to congratulate himself on his huge success in the recently announced West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) results. In the outstanding result, Ronald received eight “As” and one “B2.”

In the end, the lone “B” was in English Language. Ronald Dosunmu, a star student, received eight “As” in WAEC.

Ronald wrote: “This year has probably been one of the most hectic years of my life. I took so many courses on web development, studied and prepared for external examinations, as well as gained admission into the university, all while managing to excel in every single aspect! I remember the feeling of uncertainty I experienced after finishing WAEC.

Sure, I had prepared really well, but I was still a little scared that something might go wrong somewhere, mostly because of the African factor. But to God be the glory, everything went according to plan! My WAEC result was released 3 weeks ago and it was truly incredible! I got 8A1s and a B2 in English (One of the best results in the history of my secondary school).”

My success is a result of relentless hard work To post such a great result must have taken a lot of work, including keeping off social media. Ronald confirmed this: “I haven’t been active on my LinkedIn for a really long time. I worked really hard for this and I am extremely happy that my hard work paid off!” Another Nigeria student scores a bull’s eye, makes straight “As” in WAEC previously reported how another young Nigerian made 8 distinctions in his WAEC result.


Ronald Dosunmu Makes Straight "As" in WAEC