5 hurting words you should not say to your wife or girlfriend

Women tend to over react often at you, often for no discernable reason. You say something that you consider totally innocuous , or even downright nice, only to find that you’ve offended, enraged or annoy the woman. Here are five words or statement you shouldn’t say to your wife or girlfriend;


1) Shut up; shut up tends to spill out in the middle of a fight or when a partner is upset or annoyed. Saying shut up is aggressive. ‘Can you please be quiet’ can deliver the same message in a calmer manner and doesn’t feel so violent.

2) I don’t care ; saying you don’t care stimulate a primitive fear of abandonment in most people and can make your partner feel worthless. Being in a loving relationship means always caring about your partner no matter what.

3) Calm down ; There are few things that are worse then being told to calm down in the middle of an argument. Telling an adult to calm down looks dismissive. It can also demonstrate your partner’s lack of respect when it comes to your feelings.

4) Divorce; Once this words is thrown out, especially in anger. It’s like a bell has been rung and you can’t unring it. Never use the word just to get your partner’s attention. Don’t say it unless you mean it.

5) You’re wrong to be angry; Never tell your woman how she should feel or how she shouldn’t. Feelings are not right or wrong. They are feelings.


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