Ladies: How Groundnuts And Water Can Make Your Man Avoid Other Ladies

Child bearing has made many women lose the joy they get from satisfying their husbands.

After childbirth, the pelvic floor muscle is stretched resulting in loose honey pot. Repeated child births increase the lloosening. This lost tightness reduces pleasures for men during lovemaking. A lot of women have lost their husbands to strange ladies because of this.

The goodnews for the women in this situation is that there is a natural remedy that can be prepared from just Groundnuts and water.

Groundnut also known as peanuts, Goober in Us and monkeynuts in UK is a tropical crop with botanical name Arachis hypogaea.


Method of Preparation

Get some unshelled groundnuts as shown in the image.

Rinse and dry for two days.

Soak in clean warm water overnight.

Decant the water from the groundnuts

Take first thing in the morning for three days

Make sure you control the way you consume to avoid overtightened honey pot.

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