When Ahmed appeared on Channels TV on Thursday, November 11, she made this statement. When asked if it was appropriate for any Nigerian to be dissatisfied with the administration, she replied,


”I think this government has been unfairly assessed and unfairly treated. The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has done extremely well. If you look at the growth indicators of the country, they are all positive. Things are improving. It’s just that people want to see improvements like between today and tomorrow, It doesn’t work like that because the degradation didn’t happen overnight.

Where we are right now didn’t happen overnight. It was a process. So the improvement is a process. It is sad that some people are suffering but we really need to do what we have to do now so that everybody would have relief in the medium term and long term.”

On the rising cost of food prices, Ahmed said President Buhari is ”pained” by this.

”I sympathise with the citizens. The President is pained by the hardship that citizens undertake especially in terms of food prices. When you look at why food prices are high. There are several consequencial reasons but one of the major reasons is the cost of transportation of moving goods from farms to market.” she said