A young man regrets the horrific experience of watching his mother beat up and curse his father when he was a toddler.

According to a Nairaland member who published his tale anonymously, his tragic childhood is a result of the man he has grown into, who hates women.

In recounting his experience, the young guy stated that his early experiences have influenced his desire to marry.

“My dad is a highly respected well-to-do man but his problem was his wife; I wonder how they married! 

She used to beat him in our presence and she’d lay curses on us if we ever plead that she stops. At times, she’d shout from night till dawn, making sure that no one sleeps and she’d try her best to call the neighbors’ attention to tarnish his reputation.

Not like he’s weak, he just tried not to make things escalate and be a bigger issue. Now I’m grown up, I hate women die and she’s begging me to get married. 

Meanwhile, I just want to stay out here treating Nigerian girls in the language they understand,” he wrote.