Tonto Dike’s immediate former boyfriend, Prince Kpokpogri has revealed that he never wanted to have anything to do with the actress at first when their path first crossed.

The Nigerian politician said it took a lot of convincing from Suleman (their matchmaker) to convince him that the actress was now a Christian whose former deeds have been erased after becoming a new creature in the Lord.

He told PREMIUM TIMES saying;

He also talked about the fact he wasn’t keen on starting a relationship with the Nollywood actress premised on how she washed her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill dirty in the days leading up to the collapse of her marriage and all the drama that ensued thereafter.

I was not into the relationship as she was, have you ever wondered why she was always posting our relationship here and there on social media, and I did little or less posting?

When Tonto and I started talking, she said she is the relationship type, this and that but I never promised her marriage. I didn’t know her, I was on my own when one Mr. Suleman called me and told me that he was coming to my house with somebody, I asked who was that, he said when he comes I would see the person. Lo and Behold when he came it was Tonto.

I took him aside and asked him ‘Is this not Tonto Dikeh, the one that destroyed her husband, Churchill? and he told me that she had repented, she’s now a church lady and her birthday was coming up!

I was not arrested by the police, I went to retrieve my SUV car that was stolen by her (Dikeh), she does not own a car, she only rents cars around.