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These Women Can’t Manage Carrots Anymore, They Need Cucumber’- Pastor

Jordan Shola Adeoye has poked fun at men who are not able to drive women to achieve full s,exual ecstasy in bed in a new post he shared on Facebook that has predictably evoked massive reactions.

Shola is a US-based Nigerian pastor and life coach who plies his trade online. He randomly made the post on Thursday (June 10) saying contemporary women are no longer satisfied with small manhood and prefer something the size of cucumber before they can climax, perhaps literally too.

His post states; “If you have a small banana, raise your hand, the Lord wants to perform an upgrade 😆 These women can’t manage carrots anymore. They need a cucumber. Jesus, come to our rescuee oo.”

See reactions;

@Louisa Aromire: Leave my carrot alone as long as u know how to screw u should be good with a carrot. Cucumber is too big u can do more with a carrot.. U get more UTI, pelvic pain, and it hurts especially from your men that only know how to hit it straight. Give me my carrot.

@Anna Enya: Kikikikikikiki,you can’t hate what you cannot create,have the fear of God na,even small,its not anybody’s fault that somebody has small banana,inasmuch as its performing the main aim of which its created for (procreation)then what’s the problem again?

@ Peter Matilda: It’s not all about size abeg,it’s about how u utilize it in the other room….am not a fan of big big things ,bcos they end up giving nothing…mtshew..once a man can care and is romantic…passion flows well.

@ Banjoko Babatunde: Quite amazing ladies/women are here and swift passing comments on no need for cucumber rather they would prefer a simple carrot that sabi the usage well.i cannot but laugh in swahili.It’s on this same forum I read of a woman whom had lost interest in her hubby cos of his small carrot and how she had advised him to go for pen*s enlargement cream/solution, how she had CS and not as though her ponmo has widened through natural delivery.It’s very easy to come to this kinda forum and blab meanwhile, in the confines of our room we make life miserable fir the guys ,making us feel less of humans.I fear you women oooooo


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