Chadian Soldiers Capture 156 Rebels, See The Weapons & Vehicles Recovered From Them (Photos)

Chadian soldiers have arrested 156 rebels in the Lake Chad region. The rebels were paraded by the military on Sunday evening.




About 17 operational vehicles loaded with deadly weapons were recovered from the rebels.

The insurgents were arrested a few days after the president of the country, Idriss Deby, died from the injury sustained during a battle with rebel soldiers in the Lake Chad region. The president was killed a few days after he won his reelection bid. Deby has been in power since 1990 through a military coup.

Chad has been thrown into chaos since the death of President Deby. Protests and riots are currently ongoing in the country.

Deby’s son has succeeded him immediately after his death and he has been committed to the fight against rebel forces in the country.

Nigeria shares a border with Chad in the Lake Chad region, the insecurity in the country will surely affect Nigeria if care is not taken.

See more pictures below.










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