I don’t like when people with a “status” speak about politics’ – Zlatan Ibrahimovic takes aim at LeBron James’ political activism (video)

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AC Milan striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has taken aim at basketball great LeBron James’ political activism saying he doesn’t like when he speaks about politics.


It’s no news that the LA Lakers’ superstar has been campaigning for social justice and change in the US and even helped mobilize voters for the November presidential election in the United States.


Ibrahimovic, however, is not happy with influential figures branching into politics and wants athletes to stick to what they are good at.


Speaking about the activism of athletes during a chat with UEFA and Discovery+ in Sweden, Ibrahimovic took aim at LeBron James’


‘What he does is phenomenal, but I don’t like it when people with a certain “status” talk about politics,’ he said.


‘Do what you are good at. I play football because I am the best at it. If I was a politician, I’d have gone into politics.


‘This is the first mistake that famous people make when they feel like they’ve arrived. I think it’s better to steer clear of these issues and do what you’re good at.’




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