Biden White House Disables YouTube Comments After Thousands Dislike Inauguration Video

The Joe Biden White House has disabled comments on a video of Wednesday’s Inauguration shared on Youtube.

Joe Biden denied-holy-communion-abortionBiden

The video shared on the official White House page had been viewed more than 92,000 times before the comment section was disabled following a flurry of uncomplimentary comments.

While the video garnered 1,500 likes as of noon on Thursday, at least 11,000 people disliked it.

The page is followed by more than 1.9 million people.

See image:

Biden - White House video

The video is one of seven that have been shared on the page since the inauguration of the current administration on Wednesday.

The November 3 presidential election has been described as one of the most acrimonious in recent US history, with immediate-past President Donald Trump alleging electoral fraud.

However, many commentators stated that dislikes were being removed from videos on the page.
Hiro Yama also wrote, “What a popular president! So Many thumb down”

Izzo Wing Chun wrote, “Why are dislikes being removed from these videos?”


Another commentator, Luis Jasso wrote, “This ‘administration’ is a completely JOKE and illegitimate”.

War Gamz wrote, “The dislikes being removed are eerily similar to the Trump votes that were removed. Wake up to the fascism here people!”

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