Native doctor impregnates pastor’s wife in Anambra

A native doctor identified as Ebeano Dike, has allegedly impregnated a pastor’s wife in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

The herbalist, who is an indigene of Osha, is popularly known by many business owners in Onitsha who usually patronise him for spiritual help concerning their businesses.

According to reports, the pastor and his wife had been searching for a child after being married for long without an issue.

Ebeano Dike

Unable to wait any further, the woman, without consulting her husband, visited the native doctor to seek solution to her childlessness, which resulted in the herbalist sleeping with her.

The pastor, on receiving the good news of his wife finally bearing a child, started sharing the good news of his wife’s pregnancy as the handiwork of God, but this angered the herbalist.

The herbalist confronted the pastor and revealed what transpired between him and the cleric’s wife, and that he is responsible for the pregnancy.

The wife admitted when she was summoned as she confirmed it was the herbalist that got her pregnant, which made the pastor to send her packing from his house.

The community received the news with shock as many wondered how it happened since the two involved are of different religious backgrounds.


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