‘Shameful’: Nigerians react to abduction of students during Buhari’s visit to Daura

President Muhammadu Buhari has come under attack over the abduction of school boys at the Government Science Secondary School, GSS, in Kankara Local Government Area of Katsina State.

Police confirmed on Saturday that unknown gunmen attacked the school and kidnapped some students.

The recent abduction of students has again raised concerns by Nigerians over the increasing insecurity in the country.

Some Nigerians on social media described the abduction as a shame to the President at a time when he is currently visiting Daura not far from the place of the abduction.

Buhari on Friday departed Abuja to spend one week in his hometown Daura, Katsina State.

Here are some comments gathered by Nigerians from Twitter:

@AminuYaro_ “ If Bandits can attack a Government School Kankara Katsina (President’s state) while he’s in Daura, then I’m sorry to say Buhari is the most Incompetent President in term of examining the fundamental act of Government. If you can’t do anything, at least protect lives.”

@Chefdonaldido “ Our Chibok girls some are still in captivity. The #LekkiMassaccre, 46 farmers that were slain in day. Now #KankaraStudent and you’ve not shewed any concern rather sent in prayers. Sir @MBuhari you’ve failed Nigeria.”

@Realoilsheikh “ Dear President Buhari, allegedly, 600 students were kidnapped a stone throw away from where a President visited is the height of it. You have failed Nigeria, you have failed us particularly as a region and it shows that you cannot #SecureNorth. “

@Busolami “ Kankara to Daura is184 Kilometres yet, dozens of Students were abducted early this morning while Buhari is relaxing in his hometown of Daura.”

@MrOnos147 “ President Buhari arrived his hometown Daura, Katsina State yesterday for a week long “break”.Hours later, armed men stormed Government Science Secondary School in Kankara LGA, Katsina State, and kidnapped dozens of students from their dormitories.This is so terrible!

@IheanachoEll “ Buhari has been the most incompetent thing that happened to Nigeria, has the worst of worst in his cabinet and ranks and file and Buhari is as clueless as a ever.”

@Isexcel “ Tell Buhari not to express any shock he should rescue the Kankara students before returning to Aso rock.”

@Natasha “ Just unbelievable and the president is in Daura.”

@Shynna “ There will be some revelations about this alleged kidnapping of 600 students in the coming days. Something is fishy!

@Ishaq_Magaji “ North is all we have, all we need is peace, security to travel safely but we are totally not safe. I weep for you Buharibecause you name will be stamped on all this mess, it will be written for generation that it was your fault, you fail us.”

@Real_hd “ Just recent 110 farmers were slaughtered and today 600 #KankaraStudents abducted all on your watch. Buhari if you can’t stop these killings and kidnappings kindly #BuhariResign Or just just send an air strike and finish us (the north) once and for all.”

@TahaAdam_ “ We castigated Jonathan for Chibok girls, Armed men stormed a school in Kankara Katsina and went away with scores of students! We called Jonathan a failure why are we finding it hard to call Buhari a failure?

@OkoroCollins11 “ Mr President has failed in all ramifications, insecurity under Buhari is now the order of the day. #BringBackOurBoys.”

@UcLuther “ Buhari is only showing Nigerians that there are a lot of things worse than failures..This lazy man is going to destroy Nigeria if we don’t get rid of him as soon as possible.”

@Alkane212 “ At this point we are our own government. At this point we are our own security
At this point we are our own strength . Parent and guidance takenote!

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