Kizz Daniel’s marriage reportedly collapses after wife allegedly catches him cheating red-handed

Kizz Daniel's marriage allegedly collapses after wife catches him cheating red-handed

Reports have emerged suggesting that the marriage between Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel and his wife, MJay, has allegedly ended due to infidelity.

Concerns arose when it was discovered that Kizz Daniel had deleted all videos of his wife, who is also the mother of his three children, from his social media accounts.

Additionally, MJay’s Instagram account has been disabled, further fueling speculation about their relationship status.


Kizz Daniel's marriage allegedly collapses after wife catches him cheating red-handed


Popular blogger Cutie Juls has claimed that the couple’s marriage was destroyed by Kizz Daniel’s recent affair.

According to Cutie Juls, MJay caught Kizz Daniel in a compromising situation with another woman in his home studio and has refused to forgive him or welcome him back.

The blog post detailed the incident, explaining that Kizz Daniel’s studio is located on the last floor of their home, adjacent to their bedrooms and walk-in closets.

MJay allegedly caught him in the act with another woman in the studio, which has led to her firm decision not to reconcile with him this time.

Despite efforts from family and friends to mediate, MJay remains adamant about ending the marriage, citing numerous past infidelities she has forgiven.

The post reads;

“Long story short: Kizz Daniel has a studio in his house which is on the last floor. For those of you who have visited his home before, you will realize his bedrooms and walk closets are like a maisonette. On the floor which has the beds, is his studio.”

“Guess what? Oga was knacking a babe inside the studio and the wife caught them red-handed recently. Now the wife says this time around, she is not ready to forgive and take him back. Family and friends have stepped in but the wife says lie lie cuz she has forgiven him severally in the past but this particular one is the deal breaker. She is not doing it again.”

“Oga has gone through everyone and everywhere to apologize but the wife says her No is No. We don’t know if she will reconsider her decision in the future but for now, she is very hurt and feels so disappointed in Kizz Daniel as the last time, he really made her believe he’s”.

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